I love colour, every colour and design. I have always wanted to write about colour and design and so here I am. I love making and repurposing things. I love being independent and being able to do things for myself. I love networking with people who are good at what they do and sharing ideas with them. I love helping people discover what they love. And I want to share what I have learned with you. I love my family and friends. I love travelling and I love cooking and fresh food ….. probably too much. I love my clients, some of them have become friends. I love my home but it is often a work in progress. I love my dog.


My philosophy has always been about bringing good design practices to the homeowner. Our home is our most expensive investment and the place we should love to be. It is where we should feel safe and happy. We should love the space we live in. I believe that every person has a storey and if given a chance I can help the home owner tell that storey. I like to think that I am the curator of your belongings and your space. In the end I want to have translated your desires and your stories into your space. The process is not about me and my taste but the journey I take with the home owner. It is about discovering your good taste.

I believe good design does not have to be expensive or overwhelming. I think Ikea has as much a place in the realm of design as any expensive furniture store. I also believe that a lot of what we own can easily be repurposed and reutilized. Sometimes the fun lies in redesigning something we already have! There are so many options out there and I travel the world to bring them to you.


When I was little I would empty my room into the hall and reconfigure my bedroom and beg for a can of paint. The answer was usually no. My dad loved to renovate and he adored all things different. He installed stainless steel counter tops in our kitchen and people thought him strange. Our cottage was a Hyperbolic Paraboloid but so modified by my Dad in hopes of saving money that on one occasion in a bad storm some of the windows blew out. On another occasion the dog went through a window in pursuit of a racoon. So I learned never cut corners and always consult a pro. But I developed a good eye for design and tolerance for renovation chaos.

I learned to sew in my early teens. If I wanted clothes my Mom insisted I make them or live with the bare necessities. She would buy me as much fabric as I wanted and I had my grandmother’s machine with one stitch size and direction, forward. I studied Haute Couture but never pursued it as a career. I do make my own clothes. My great aunt was a buyer for Harrods in London and I inherited fabrics and beautiful beaded ribbon. I made this belt by hand sewing to velvet ribbon . The colours in this beaded ribbon are so beautiful.

Of course, I renovated my first house, I reupholstered, repurposed and made most of my furniture. I sewed pillows and drapery. I learned the ins and out of colour and paint. My first pink room looked like I had thrown up Pepto Bismol all over it.

It took two repaints before I got that delicate breath of pink I wanted.

After I married I drove my husband crazy constantly changing and painting rooms different colours. I finally was hired by a company called Recycled Spaces. We were one of the original home stylists and stagers. Everyone thought we were crazy. Who would pay for that? We did rooms for Dini Petty and were featured in House and Home. When one of the partner’s moved to Texas I started my own company, Roomworks.

Now I am fully immersed in all things design and colour. I have studied colour in depth in Canada, the United States and Europe. I do colour trend forecasting with a group called CMG and I travel wherever I can to design shows trying to figure out what is coming next. I also teach color and give talks.

I do colour consulting and home design. Last year I renovated an 18th century apartment in Paris, France. A dream come true. You can read about it in a later blog. My husband and I are always renovating our homes and so I know what its like to be in reno hell. This is our latest one.



My philosophy has always been about bringing good design practices to the homeowner. Our home is our most expensive investment and the place we should love to be. It is where we should feel safe and happy.


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