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Cubicle Life :(

BAD WORK SPACES, THINKING OUT OF THE BOX AND HOW I BECAME SELF-EMPLOYED Jan 28, 2016 | ROZ MORGAN You know that feeling when your alarm goes off in the morning, especially after you have worked late? You would do just about anything for just a few more minutes of sleep. Right? But you can’t, because, you…
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Colour Dogs

COLOUR DOGS Jul 15, 2015 | ROZ MORGAN In a few hours I am going to the airport to pick up the latest addition to our family.  A little puppy from British Columbia.  He is a 4 month old brown miniature poodle.  I haven’t named him yet because I think I will know what he should be…
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The Colour Wheel

THE COLOUR WHEEL: WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW PART 2 Nov 1, 2015 | ROZ MORGAN When I teach colour I love to start with a little test.  I like to spread out a bunch of colour chips and tell everyone to put together a colour wheel with twelve colours.  I give the class 5 minutes.  Some people…
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